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World famous method to quit smoking


We have a wide following of celebrity clients who have successfully used our method. Here are just a few..

Toni Sinclair Toni Sinclair

A little over a month since we completed the seminar with Sam in HK we are both smoke free. We have had the odd day when it has been a bit difficult but we have encouraged each other and the benefits are far out weighing the odd craving. We have been in social situations where most people are smoking and have not changed where we go or our drinking habits. I do remind myself frequently the next cigarette would probably mean being a smoker for life and that I really am a  happy non smoker. I enjoy waking up without that awful taste in my mouth and being able to smell my perfume not stale smoke. Good luck to the next batch of people. I am confident that they will do as well as we have.

Brad Emery Brad Emery

Just a quick note to thank you again. Mum and I are now a month smoke free. It has been surprisingly easy. I’m fully expectant that I’ll be dropping you a note a year from now confirming neither of us have lapsed.

Irene, 38, Hong Kong, Marketing & Communications Director Irene, 38, Hong Kong, Marketing & Communications Director

I have been a heavy smoker for more than half my life. Until early this year, I would say I enjoyed smoking so much that I never even considered or willing to quit smoking. However, I decided that I will quit this year and I had a really tough time to even cut down and I heard about friend's of friends over the years who were hard core smokers who quit after attending Allen Carr's Easy Way workshops. I attended last month in Hong Kong and I am a happy non-smoker ever since!  It was easy and I am so happy that I am out of the nicotine trap. I no longer schedule my days subconsciously with cigarette breaks. I am free!!

Anthony Mills

Hi Colleen,
Not really sure on why quitting this time is soooo very different but it is, absolutely no stress, no issues, not the 3 weeks of being angry I had last time, its all cool.
Thank you very much - cant recommend you highly enough!