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"I know the concern that smokers have about stopping smoking, I was there once myself.  The worry that the whole process will be an ordeal and that you'll be asked to use huge resources of willpower and that you'll be sacrificing your treat or pleasure and the prospect that you'll probably fail anyway.

I promise you, all these fears are unfounded. The seminar removes these fears so that you can quit smoking with a genuine feeling of freedom and certainty."

Colleen Dwyer
Allen Carr Therapist

Colleen Dwyer

Colleen Dwyer has been an Allen Carr therapist since 2001.  Colleen quit smoking over 17 years ago with Allen Carr's seminar.  Colleen says, 'I was completely bowled over with the effectiveness of Allen's approach to stopping smoking that I wanted to be involved with the organisation in bringing the method to other smokers.  I am very happy to be visiting Hong Kong this year to host the seminar there.'

Allen Carr's Therapists

All Allen Carr therapists were once smokers and they quit smoking with Allen's method. Colleen has over 15 years experience of delivering Allen's method via seminar. She has seen over 10,000 smokers.

call +(44) 7810 414 616 if you have any questions - we are happy to help